As we turn back the pages of history we unfold events that led to the formation of this club a passing reference had been made to Ceylonese Rugger which at the time was clamoring for recognition before the CR & FC was formed.

As history records it all started when the founding father Colonel Ernest Huntley Joseph established Ceylonese Rugger he grouped together a rugger team to play on the Nondescripts Cricket Club Grounds. Colonel Joseph who was the President of the N.C.C. took charge of his players, coached them and organized fixtures with other established and reputed clubs. The instant success achieved prompted him to form a truly Ceylonese Rugby& Football Club and for this purpose public opinion and support was canvassed. The Club which took root in 1922displayed his regimental colors of Red and Blue and as it grew in stature adhered to steadfast principals, highest traditions and dignity and was soon considered the mecca of rugby. Through the years the Club had produced much high profile and outstanding players from a team popularly known as the ‘Red Shirts’ and many went on to represent the Country with distinction. The Club today is acknowledged both locally and abroad the most important and prestigious Rugby Club in Sri Lanka and is in the process of initiating a program to establish a Rugby Academy to develop rugby standards and nurture and groom aspiring ruggerites to attain national and international recognition.

As the Club prepares for another year of great promise and exciting rugby scheduled to commence from November 2014 onwards as a Club we enthuse with many expectations to reach the top rung in the game. The game of rugby needs the money and the team’s performance is heavily dependent on it and to achieve this, the focus needs to be on financial resources in order to maintain the rugby squad, grounds, and other related activities for which the Club seeks the generosity of many to realize this dream.

As of recent times the Club has seen many developments and improvements with a facelift in appearance and refurbishments which makes the precincts more comfortable and pleasant for its members. The past few months the Club embarked on many projects which will benefit the members. Improvements to the Billiards Room, Squash Courts, and Floodlit Tennis Courts. Stressing emphasis on fitness the Club provided its Members with a Gymnasium, Swimming Pool, and Indoor Badminton and further ventured for an Archery Range as a relaxation. For entertainment, the Club outsourced Soap Football fun game and established Playtrix which is a Sports Bar and Café.

The main entrance and side gate have been impressively installed through the kind courtesy of the Sri Lanka Army. Contracts have been renewed on corporate advertising billboards which adds a colorful appearance to the grounds and the Club hosted many International musical shows and live telecasts of sporting events. In a progressive plan, the Club is in the process of acquiring a transformer and a generator to proceed ahead with delayed projects in the pipeline.
With the season to unfold at years end, the Club’s “ Red Shirts “ ready themselves to battle it out on the rugby fields of Colombo and Hill Country and our enterprising squad is shining their armory gearing for combat led by Captain…………………………and his battalion of players comprising………..names………………….

With all these achievements the ensuing year would see the Club, without doubt, be a popular rendezvous for rugby, entertainment, and relaxation, thanks to the many hands-on who made this a success story with many more chapters to turn over as the years roll on.

CR & FC……….. a ‘Red Hot’ story of Success !


Mr. Hiran Muttiah – President
Mr. Savantha De Saram – Deputy President
Mr. Jakque Diasz – Hony. Gen. Secretary
Mr. Zulker Hameed – Asst. Hony. Gen. Secretary
Dr. Ravi Edirisinghe – Hony. Treasurer
Mr. Nuwan De Silva – Hony. Asst. Treasurer
Mr. Tikiri Ellepola – Vice President
Mr. Shanitha Fernando  – Vice President

Mr. Chandima Perera – Hony. Bar Secretary
Mr. Hamza Hassanally – Hony. Restaurant Secretary
Mr. Gyan Amarasinghe – Hony. Ground & Pavilion Secretary
Mr. Janinda Dunuwille – Hony. Social & Entertainment Secretary
Mr. Dyan Dunuwille – Hony. Facilities & Infrastructure Secretary
Mr. Savantha de Saram – Chairman Rugby Board
Mr. Janoda Thoradeniya – Chairman Sponsorship
Mr. Mano Jayarajan – Chairman Other Games
Mr. Sriyan Cooray – Past President

Mr. Jakque Diasz

Mr. Hamza Hassanally

Mr. Niranjan Kodikara

Mr. Sujeeva Cooray

Mr. Jeremy David

Mr. Raji T De Sylva

Mr. Hemaka Amarasuriya

Dr. Indrajith Coomaraswamy


Head Coach:


Men’s Team
– Mr. Dushantha Lewke
Women’s Team
– Mrs. Sujani Rathnayake


Mr. Savantha De Saram – Chairman
Mr. Pavithra Fernando
Mr. Jivan Goonetilleke
Mr. Dinuk De S Wijeratne
Mr. Ishan Noor

Mr. Roy Wells

Mr. Basil Drieberg

Mr. F. J. D. Saram

Col. E. H. Joseph

Mr. J. A. Frewin

Dr. L. O. Weinman

Mr. C. A. Cameron

Mr. T. F. Blaze

Dr. Noel Kelaat

Mr. Vernon Kelaat

Mr. E. F. N. Gratiaen

Mr. S. G. De. Zoysa

Mr. S. F. De Saram

Mr. J. W. Serasinghe

Mr. E. N. Ewart

Dr. W. D. Ratnavale

Mr. M. Sarawanamuttu

Mr. C. H. F. Peiris

Mr. P. A. Buultjens

Mr. F. B. Ohlmus

Col. Stanley Fernando

Mr. W. Molegoda

Mr. F. R. Sirimanne

Dr. K. B. Sangakkara

Mr. Percy De Silva

Mr. Percy Perera

Mr. S. Navaratnam

Mr. Malcolm Wright

Mr. G. Weinman

Mr. R. Rajasingham

Mr. M. Rodrigo

Mr. A. A. Cader

Mr. U. N. Gunasekera

Dr. Percy De Zilva

Mr. K. Rambukwelle

Mr. Fred Kellar

Mr. Devaka Rodrigo

Mr. A. K. Doray

Mr. Sari De Sylva

Mr. H. Speldewinde

Mr. Raji T De Sylva

Mr. N. Haji Omar

Mr. G. Manik Pereira

Mr. D. M. Balasuriya

Mr. D. V. P. Samarasekera

Mr. I. Coomaraswamy

Mr. S. R. P. Samarasekera

Mr. I. Carder

Mr. R. T. Molligoda

Mr. Chrisantha F. Fernando

Dr. I. D. De Sylva

Mr. Michael Matthysz

Mr. Chula Dharmadasa

Mr. U. L. Kaluaratchi

Mr. Rodney Ingleton

Mr. Eric Roles

Mr. Hemaka Amarasooriya

Mr. John Rudra

Mr. Vipula Dharmadasa

Dr. Maiya Gunasekera

Mr. C. P. Abeygunawardana

Mr. Ajith Abeyrathne

Mr. Jehan Canagaretna


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